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Greetings!! We're Ashley and Jamie, often referred to as Ash and James. Or Hewitt's. Or the twins. But in most cases people believe Ashley is Jamie and Jamie is Ashley. If you find yourself in a serious game of guess who, just shout out a name. One of us will respond.

With marketing and management degrees earned and the dream of always owning a business together, after college, we opted for the jobs that related to our studies instead of pooling our creative juices into a twinly owned operation. Where did photography come into play, you wonder? The beginning of our path just so happened to start by a calling for normalcy. With two tumultuous years under our belts and a quick reflection on our life chapters, we hoped for the best, and with cameras in hand, traveled. Our eyes and hearts were opened to people more than ever. We found ourselves falling in like with the idea of capturing the actions of others. Our back burner scheme of starting a business together immediately fell into place as we became determined to fuse our collegiate knowledge with something we have passion for. We believe our skills complement one another and with our almighty twin powers combined, we tend to create something nifty.

We want our time together, whether it be your wedding, engagement or portraits, to rock your socks off. What we create is meaningful to us and we want the experience and end product to be even more-so to you. So if you've already clicked around our site and like what you see, send us a message, tell us about yourself and we'll band together to produce a massive quantity of ace frames.

Photos of Ashley and Jamie taken by Tandem Tree

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